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By! Ciao.  thanks! Bonne soirée à tous et toutes.

aujourd’hui est perturbé- il y a beaucoup d’incertitude plus ou moins importante- bref interruption des programmes! TROU NOIR- c’est tout noir jusqu’au 5 août sauf imprévu… Haha!

A très bientôt. Vive GAZA! …et qu’ils vivent en paix!


cleanse // k.zvonik // ©whereness14

Cool tree by akunkle99 on Flickr.

following back everyone until i find a tumblr bf♡

Conservatoire de Montreuil, designed by Claude Le Goas,1976.

somewhere in franken

Gaza: The story of a Palestinian father who lost his children in the darkness (via Al Akhbar English)
"Around the flickering, dim light of a candle nearly gone, the family of Abu Mohammed Shabet gathered in their house in Hayy al-Touffah, north-east of Gaza City, to break their fast. In the background, they could hear explosions caused by bombs fired by Israeli tanks positioned on the eastern borders of the Strip, aimed at the houses of unarmed civilians.
As soon as the family finished their meal, Abu Mohammed tried to calm his frightened children who were asking him to flee the house and take refuge with some relatives downtown in hopes that it would be a little safer there. But the father insisted on staying home.
“Nothing is going to happen to us. Do not worry, the bombs are far away from us,” Abu Mohammed reassured them.
As soon as he finished his sentence, a powerful explosion was heard and a large fire broke out in a hall at the house where they were gathered. Abu Mohammed was in deep shock. He did not grasp the fact that his house was targeted, especially since the power had been down for three days.” » Read on
Photo: Smoke rising from Al Shejaeiya neighbourhood during an Israeli military operation in the east Gaza City on July 20, 2014. (Mohammed Saber/EPA)